Friday, March 3, 2017

Spirit Island, Jasper National Park. Alberta, Canada

Spirit Island, Jasper National Park

It seemed like the sky would open up at any moment. And after driving all the way out to the visitor center on Maligne Lake, that would have been a real downer. Fortunately the sky cooperated and we got some great shots.

Where this tiny island got its name is unclear. The story we heard was that a chief from a local tribe is said to be buried on the island and his ghost stands vigil there.

The valley in the background if called "The Valley of The Gods." It was given the name by one of the first people to see it, stating that if the Gods were to meet in this valley, there would be a throne for each of them. Unfortunately the name of this individual escapes me (if you know, please remind me!)

The valley, like many in the Northern reaches of the continent, was carved out by glaciers many thousands of years ago. In fact, this is how lakes like Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and Maligne Lake get their characteristic turquoise color. As the glacier moves, it grinds the rock beneath it to a fine power called "glacial flower." This stuff is so fine that it can take years to settle to the bottom of the lake. While it is suspended, to reflects the blue wavelength from the light, creating the rich color you see.

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